SOUND OFF BATTLE of the BANDS - Journey Tribute

This Wednesday, October 6th, the first of the 5-show Sound Off Battle of The Bands will be held at The Square Room, 8 PM. 


Competing to move on to the finals will be:






Each act will perform two originals and one cover tune by JOURNEY!  Audience support will be part of the judging criteria!

For more information, check out THE SQUARE ROOM!



The Square Room, in partnership with Metro Pulse, WUTK 90.3, TVC/UTTV, Rock Snob Records, Rik's Music, Nouveau Graphics, and AC Entertainment are proud to present THE SOUND OFF.

The Sound Off is a showcase and competition for all local musicians looking to take their musical careers to the next level. Over six months 25 bands/musicians will compete to be the last band/musician standing. The Square Room is taking applications from now until Monday,August 30 at 5pm. All applicants will be narrowed down to the top 25 and these 25 bands/musicians will each be assigned a date to perform. Each first Wednesday of the month, beginning Wednesday, October 6 five bands/musicians will take the stage. They will play 2 original songs and 1 cover song. The cover song will be of an artist chosen by the Square Room to be tributed that night. For example, October's tributed artist may be Bob Dylan. Therefore, each performing band/musician will play 2 original songs and one Bob Dylan cover. Artists will be notified of the tributed artist 2 weeks before their performance at the Square Room. At the end of each night a winner will be chosen by a combination of the celebrity judges' scores and crowd reaction. Over the five months, five finalists will advance. The final 5 bands/musicians will compete on Wednesday, March 2, 2011. The winner will recieve a developmental package including studio time, produced EP, custom merchandise, up to $500 in gear, and an opening gig for an AC Entertainment show.