Make Orange Green Kickoff

90.3 The Rock will be broadcasting live from the Presidential Court on the UT Campus on Thursday, September 22, during the first-ever Make Orange Green Kickoff - a celebration of campus and community "greening" efforts.

The Make Orange Green Kickoff will include information about what UT Knoxville and other organizations are doing to save energy, reduce waste and promote environmental leadership, and how you can conserve energy and improve your environmental footprint.

At the Make Orange Green Kickoff, you can enjoy some FREE locally-made ice cream, courtesy of Cruze Dairy Farm. You can also crank out some blended treats for your friends using 100 percent  pedal power, and check out the latest zero-emissions vehicles from Nissan, Chevrolet, and Mitsubishi.

So come on down to the Presidental Court on the UT Campus on September 22 from 4:30-2 pm, and join the movement to "Make Orange Green"!

The Make Orange Green Kickoff is brought to you by the UT Knoxville Office of Sustainability.

More information can be found by calling 974-7780, or by visiting their Facebook page at

Also starting this semester, you can fill your own mug (24 oz or under) at Volunteer Dining locations and receive 99-cent drip coffee and fountain beverages, or 15% off specialty coffee beverages. The discounted beverages when you bring in your own mug are brought to you by UT Dining in partnership with the UT Recycling Office. Most locations around campus are currently participating, including Starbucks, Einstein's, C-Stores, Subway, and many more. The Mug Project is a campus-wide effort to reduce waste and save resources. It addresses the problem of paper cups, which are made for single-use and cannot be recycled due to a waxy coating that makes them leak-proof/heat resistant. So grab your reusable mug or bottle today and join the movement from disposable to reusable, and save money in the process! For more info about the Mug Project visit