Knoxville Films

is sending out an open invitation

to all musicians:


make YOUR music available to filmmakers

participating in the 24 Hour Film Festival Competitions


From the International 24 Hour Online Shootout to the Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival, your music will be made available to filmmakers who have entered the competitions.

To submit your music to the festival, visit:

The deadline to be included in the compilation is May 30, 2012!


·       The song must be in mp3 format with at bitrate of 128kbps or higher


·       By submitting music to be used in either the International 24 Hour Shootout or Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival, you will be granting Knoxville Films and the 24 Hour Film Competitions full rights and releases to use that music for any or all of the films created during the festivals. This also includes the original broadcast of the films at the individual film festivals, partner film festivals, and web broadcasts on Knoxville Films, I24HFF and K24HFF websites and Knoxville Films and K24HFF YouTube Channels.


·       By releasing these rights, you are also releasing any royalties that may be generated by or from these films.


·       If you are signed to a record label you must show proof of release from your Record Company and Music Publisher and grant Knoxville Films, I24HFF and K24HFF the rights to use the song in the festivals and all subsequent broadcasts.


·       Please, when submitting your music to the Film Festival, only submit one song per artist. If you submit more than one song we will randomly choose one song to be passed on to the filmmakers. This song may or may not be your top choice, so please only submit the one song you want the filmmakers to use the most. We don't have time to listen to all of your submissions.


·       Also, please do not submit your music videos. They will not be used or shown. We cannot use music from a music video, only a MP3 music file.


·       By submitting your music you are signing and agreeing to these terms as stated.
This is a tremendous way to get some great exposure for your music and support the arts. We look forward to hearing what you send us!



The third annual Knoxville Film Festival will take place from June 2 – June 17!  This year they are adding workshops, casting calls, and more parties!

The Knoxville 24 Hour Shootout will launch at 1 pm on June 2nd at Relix and the finish line will take place June 3rd at 1 pm at Relix.

The 24 Hour International Film Festival will launch June 9th from and conclude on June 10th.

The Screening and Awards for the Knoxville 24 Hour Film Fest will take place at the historic Bijou Theatre on June 16.

Prices for the festival are as follows:

  • 24 Hour International Film Fest Registration: $30
  • VIP Passes: $50 (includes VIP access to all events, including limo ride to the Bijou)
  • Full Festival Pass: $20 (all events and GA to the Bijou)
  • Bijou VIP Tickets: $20
  • Bijou General Admission: $13.50
  • Individual Events: $5 (all events except the Bijou)