90.3 The Rock is Proud to Support the Splendor Hollow Music and Gathering Festival!


Splendor Hollow is proud to present the 1st ever Splendor Hollow Music Festival and Gathering!  

July 27th- July 29th will be a weekend filled with your favorite local musical acts, belly dancing, fire poi and much much more! Performing will be:

Tuatha Dea, whose music blends the sounds of several cultural sounds to create a cerbal pleasing sound.

Rose Hawley, who performs a soul altering journey for the entire audience.

 Tabula Rasa’s music has no boundaries and the audience will transcend time and place along with their music.


Shakti Beat Collective’s music is spiritual art that engulfs the audience.


This event is a 13 and over event and tickets start at $35. To preregister you can go here.


 Splendor Hollow is Sevier County’s very own Woodstock!!