90.3 THE ROCK presents Shortwave Society

Shortwave Society


November 18, 2010

Pilot Light

Tickets: available at the door the night of the show

18 and up

About Shortwave Society:

Shortwave Society fuses elements from orchestral and electronic soundscapes to create a unique accompaniment to their off-kilter pop songs. Violin, cello, and a sea of vocals weave intricate tapestries while guitar and pianos pulse, and electronic bleeps and blips fill every nook and cranny of your subconscious. These ladies and gents host a post-modern sojourn through jazz, pop, and chamber music traditions; equally at home in the dance club or the concert hall alike.

About Stephaniesid:

stephaniesÄ­d is indie pop-noir music. we take the music seriously, and then and playfully. we like to play for curious, alive people. to sing. to play our guitars and keyboards and vibraphone and horns. we live in the gorgeous mountains of asheville, nc and our music reflects the expansiveness, absurdness, and sometimes-triumph of everyday.