90.3 The Rock Presents Scott Free Day Featuring Live Music at Preservation Pub Monday, March 7th

Upstairs Speakeasy, 6PM:

Spirit Family Reunion

Downstairs, 10PM-???:

The Kingston Springs

Izzy & The Kesstronics


21& Up

Preservation Pub

About the Bands:

Spirit Family Reunion:

For information about the Spirit Family Reunion, refer to their website link above.

The Kingston Springs:

Kinston Springs, Tennessee's The Kinston Springs possess an original sound with older influences, these young men have got it nailed. A West coast feel with classic rock roots, the boys have mastered dreamlike harmonies and clever instrumental breakdowns. Their collaborative method to songwriting has given their performances and EP a cohesively unique energy, resulting in a group that just likes to have fun from stage presence to sound, musicality to charm.

Izzy & The Kesstronics:

Izzy and the Kesstronics is a band from New York returning to town and with good cause; they don’t just stick to rockabilly clich├ęs and bring lounge and swing music freely into their sound for something that’s a bit less raucous than the full-on-punk influenced wing of rockabilly bands.


MiniBoone is a Rock and Roll Band from New York City, New York comprised of members Craig Barnes, Taylor Gabriels, James Keary, Sam Rich, and Doug Schrashun. For more information, refer to their website link above.