90.3 THE ROCK presents Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas

Monday, November 8, 2010

Preservation Pub

21 and up

Show starts at 10 p.m.

About Ian Thomas:

nger/Songwriter Ian Thomas is at the forefront of a burgeoning artistic movement that is once again breathing life and excitement onto the hallowed streets of Greenwich Village, New York City. With his deceptively complex music, Mr. Thomas proves that the best way to explain what is happening now in our country is by looking back to the past, to the folk and blues music that lies at the very heart of America.

But where did this young man come from? It’s actually quite difficult to say, and when asked, even Mr. Thomas seems to be at a loss for words. What we know for sure is that Ian took off from his small New England hometown in his late teens with nothing but a guitar and a strong thumb that proved adept at hitchhiking. He made his way across America, through the Southwest, Colorado, and California. Like so many great artists before him, he began to perfect his craft on the road. A stop in New Orleans proved pivotal.

He began learning blues and folk standards from local legends. He hooked up with some fellow musicians that he had met in Colorado and began playing constantly, embracing the throes of poverty and homelessness as part of the life that had been chosen for him. He didn’t just sing it, he lived it. After his stint in the French Quarter, Mr. Thomas left town and arrived with little pomp-and-circumstance in New York City.

Still living out of his 1977 Toyota Corolla (with an ottoman bed in place of the passenger seat) Ian played around the downtown parks and subway stations for cash. He began playing area clubs in September 2002, and he hasn’t stopped since. As a testament to his raw power as a performer and his music’s ever-growing relevance, each show is more crowded than the last, and the buzz around New York City is certainly calling Ian Thomas’s name. His following simply will not stop growing. He has miraculously found a way to once again make folk music accessible, with a pop aesthetic that doesn’t stand in the way of his own music’s integrity.